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How to measure the size of Rings For Couples

It's an engagement ring or a wedding ring, the way it feels when you wear it needs to be perfect! A ring that's too tight can constrict the finger. If the ring circumference of the ring is too large, it could easily slip off your finger. It is crucial to ensure that the ring is the proper size. What are the best methods for measuring ring sizes? Which of these methods is the most reliable?

In this article, we'll give you the best techniques and tricks you can use to easily measure the size of your ring on your own. We'll give you a quick overview of the most effective tools, and an incredibly clear table of ring sizes.

The various ways to measure the size of a ring: an overview

Tip This template for determining the size of a ring is the best solution for you to determine your partner's ring size to, for instance, select an engagement ring. In the "Methods" you can learn how to utilize a band to determine the circumference of the ring.

Avoid pitfalls small when determining ring size

It is important to remember when deciding on the perfect ring size that the circumference may vary throughout the day and at different temperatures. When it's cold in the morning, the fingers are thinner. They expand when they're hot. The fingers on the left and right hand tend to differ in size. Also, pregnancy and weight fluctuations could alter the circumference of your fingers.

To take these variations into account, it's best to measure in different conditions - i.e. At different times of day and at different temperatures. It is recommended to take measurements as soon as you can after purchasing the ring.

For the proper location on the finger where you should take measurements, the following guidelines apply Most rings are pushed over the middle joint (the second joint). Measure between the second joint and the third. If it's a thumb ring be sure to measure between the joint of the thumb and the base of the thumb.

In conclusion, to be able to determine the perfect ring size, it is recommended to take several measurements. Take measurements in the morning, at noon and in the evening in warmer and cooler environments and on different days. Add all measurements and divide by the total number of measurements to determine an average circumference of the ring.

How do you determine the right size of the ring?

The most reliable way to determine the ring's size is to measure it directly on the finger of the person wearing the ring. You can also measure using a ring that already is sized to fit. This method doesn't consider temperature or time variations. It is also not exactly as precise. There are also variations in the accuracy of the tools available to you. For example a professional ring sizer or a ring template provides more accurate values than, for instance string, which is frequently recommended as a measurement aid. Below you will find an extensive guide to the most commonly used methods of measuring the size of rings.

The various ring sizes are available both online and from jewelers. There are two major variations.

In the first case one, you will compare a suitable size ring on the template. Set the ring on top of the sizes, and then determine the one that matches the ring. Another alternative is to utilize a template that includes the sizes of rings punched or various rings punched. You can test the size by running your finger through the cutouts. You can also download an ring size template that is practical from us at a fair price.


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